~ ~ ~ THE 2N2/XX NORCAL KIT ~ ~ ~

I'm beginning this at the end of the NorCal 2N2/XX 40M kit. It is in the final stages of assembly.
The kit at one time might have ended up in the recycle bin if not for the very generous offer of help
from Jim Kortage K8IQY the kit designer.

Peaking the Power amplifier using a Micronta meter. It is old and not accurate but it does has a large easy to
meter and is ideal for peaking circuits by the voltage. The RS Auto-Range DMM gives me the actual voltage read out.
The Elecraft W1 watt metter shows the power out of the PA. Of course here is
the O'scope showing the waveform

~ ~ ~

At this point testing is complete as is alignment. All that remains is to install it in the enclousure
and get on the air. Difficulties were encountered by parts subsitution in a couple of cases but
Jim Kortage and NorCal were very quick to solve the issues and
correct them. However the biggest issues were on my part by miss wiring controls.

~ ~ ~

Installed the wiring for the controls and assembled the clamshell latches for the case.

The inside view of the Front Control panel and the Front view also.

The inside view of the rear panel and the Rear Panel view

The insides of the 40m 2N2/XX

Front and rear view of my finished kit.Yes! I was minus one set screw.