The Freq Counter kit was offered at the Dayton, OH. "FDIM 2009" gathering.
I purchased one to use with my Manhattan Version 2N2/40 .
I was not satisfied because I was not utilizing the full potential of this little frequency counter.

~ ~ ~

Initially it was set to measure the 2m2's VFO frequency

as shown here.

Then the 2m2's "IF frequency offset of 4,915.20 mhz was programed into it

as shown here

It has the ability to add the "IF" offset frequency to the "VFO" frequency and show the actual transmitted frequency.
as shown here

I mounted it in a Radio Shack ABS enclosure and added the offset switch, power switch and a signal input connecter.

~ ~ ~


The offset can be ADJUSTED???

The offset can be TURNED ON or OFF???

The offset can be ADDED or SUBSTRACTED???


~ ~ ~

Removed the frequency counter from the ABS plastic case. Removed the trimmer resistors and added
longer ribbon wires to the back of PBC. The new trimmers will be on the faceplate.

The computer type jumpers are replaced with 3 pin header and sockets to enable use of
DPST switches of the "ON-ON" type which will be placed on the front panel.

Now I am able to adjust the offset from the front panel, like this crystal frequency from a colpitts oscillilator.
Also able to turn the offset "off" or "on" or add or substract it. Add some feet. Now!It is finished. It's not very pretty but it's fully functional.

72 de "RC" kc5wa