23 June 2009

Finally IT has arrived my Elecraft K3 #3212

This is how it was delivered by UPS.

Inside were several other boxes.

Opened to find the manuals. One for assembly and one owners manual.

Now to unpack the boxes.

Sort everything out.

Inventory the contents. It's all here.

The main RF Board. Everything attaches to it. The Low Power Amplifier (LPA) goes in the hole.

LPA installed.

The under side of RF Board and the LPA. See the PA and Driver?

Front Panel Shield installed.

Along with 2.7khz roofing filter.

Now install the K3 mixer board.

Side panels and rear panel along with the KANT3 board or the KAT3 Auto tuner if one was ordered.

More views of that installation.

KIO3 Interface installed on left rear panel.

Two closer views of KIO3 inside of K3.

Two views of KIO3 panel from rear of K3.

Front and back side views of front panel.

Two more Front Panel views.

DSP board attached to front Panel.

Front Panel with DSP board attached to main chassis.

Power up and SMOKE TEST. Heaven forbid.

KREF3 Reference Oscillator installed. Along with the KSYN3 Synthesizer board.
TMP cables and speaker now installed.

The K3 Ser#3212 is finished.


~ ~ ~

08 April 2012

added a 1.8 Khz Roofing Filter

Added a KXV3A I.F. Interface

~ ~ ~

05 May 2012

Installation of 100W PA shield and Interface

Installation of 100W PA dual fans and testing them.

It took maybe 5 minutes to install the 100w PA

and maybe 15 minute to do the calibration test with the K3 Utility.

K3/10 #3212 is now K3/100. It only required 3 years to grow up.

All buttoned up and ready to play.

72/73 RC