Elecraft K3 #4455 for Nick KD5TQO


Nickolas Farrar (KD5TQO) used an Elecraft K3/100 at our club field day and was so impressed with its quality he ordered one in kit form for himself. Well he asked me too build it for him and I agreed. That Process will be shown here.

Installing "2D" fasteners.

Install the "Z1" standoff.

Install the KBPF standoffs.

Install the "Q3" hardware.

Now the Filters 2.8khz, 1.8khz. Save room for the 6khz

Note it inside the top panel.

Install the "LPA" Low power Amplifier.

Instaal the shield for the front panel.

Now the mixer. See the Small toroids?

Install left side panel

Install Ant connectors"Ant 1" & Ant 2" and serial number.

Prep and install the right side panel.

Now the KAT3.

Rear panel installed.

KIO3 Interface

Here is the KIO3 interface partially completed.

Now it is installed on the back panel.

Now the ACC and RS232 connections to complete the KIO3 interface.

Moving on to the Front Panel and DSP

Installing standoffs on the rear of the front panel.

Now standoffs on the front side of the front panel.

Light blocker installed on the sides of the LCD lens.

Lets check the panel for fit. Making certain everything clears the holes.

Now we will install the encoders for VFO A and VFO B checking for clearance on solder joints.

Good fit

Now we install the clear trim for LCD and VFO A. Knobs too.

Mounting the DSP Board assembly on the front panel.

Several pages of instructions about attaching the front panel to chassis.

Front Panel attached and resistance measurements made prior to SMOKE TEST.


KREF3 Reference oscillator installed on Front Panel shield. #4455 has a 1PPM TCXO.

KSYN3 Synthesizer with shield installed on Front Panel shield

Installed the interconnection TMP cables.

Speaker is installed.

PA Shield installed.

Test fit bottom covers.

Install the KNB3 Noise Blanker.

All buttoned up. At this point #4455 is a K3/10 10watt QRP Transceiver.
After Test and Calibration the 100W PA will be installed.

~ ~ ~

After passing the Test and Calibration at 5 watts I installed the 100 watt PA and Fans
It was so easy I forgot to take pictures.

de RC KC5WA owner of K3/10 #3212