Elecraft K3 #5956 for Wallace AD5XM


Wallace Olinde (AD5XM) ordered an Elecraft K3/10 in kit form for himself and he asked me too build it for him. That Process will be shown here.

K3/10 #5956 will include:
KAT3 Antenna tunner:
KXV3A RX Antenna, IF output and Transverter Interface:
KFLA-2.7K K3 IF Filter:
KFLA 1.8khz 8 pole roofing filter:
KFLA-500 500Hz 5 pole filter:

Wallace Olinde (AD5XM)

Now that everything is unpacked. It can be inventoried.

Inventory complete. Everything present and accounted for.

Ant-static (ESD) mat and wrist strap will be used during construction.

Install 6 2D fasteners.

Install standoff for Mixer.

Install standoffs for KBPF3 General Coverage receiver.

Install Q3 hardware.

Install filters (2.7khz,1.8khz & 500hz).

Install Low Power Amplifier (LPA).

Mount 2D fasteners on front panel shield. Install shield.

Install mixer board.

Install carry handle on left side panel.

Install left side panel.

Mount 2D fastener on upper left corner of left side panel.

Install SO239 connectors for Ant 1 and Ant 2.

A lot of small steps to prepare right side panel
and the rear panel. Also the KAT3 ATU.

Installed the feet on right side panel.
Installed KAT3 standoff mounted the right side panel.

Attached the serial number #5956.

Installed the ground connections mounted on rear panel.

Installed the coax connectors for Ant 1 & 2. Mounted rear panel.

View of right side panel and a view of K3 front to rear.


This group of pictures are for the KXV3A installation.

From the installation manual.

Views of the actual installation.


This grouping of pictures of the KIO3 installion

Now the actual installation pictures.


At this point page 28 is completed. There are 68 pages in the instruction.
manual. So about one third complete at this time.

Install the needed controls on the front.

VFOs A and B knobs. RIT and XIT control.

AF gain for main and Subreceiver.

RF gain for main and Subreceiver.

Display screens for LCD Display.

Completed front panel.

This portion of manual DO Not Apply.


Installed DSP pcb on front panel.

Installed Front panel with DSP on chassis.

Connected Voltage Regulators U12 and U13

Resistance checks

12VDC to Ground. Should be > 3K. Actual measurement = 4.89K...OK
R36 test point. Should be > 150 ohms. Actual measurement = 268 ohms...OK
U12 to ground. Must be > 500 ohms. Actual measurement 452 OHMs.
* * I checked with K3 Support on this one. They said it was OK.
U13 to ground. Must be > 125 ohms. Actual measurement = 2.9K ohms...OK.

Initial Power on Check.


Installing the KREF3 reference Oscillator

A lot of detail stuff here. Three pages of it.

Installed and looking good on back side of front panel shield.

Installing the KSYN3 Synthesizer.

Installed and looking good on back side of front panel shield.

Installed the TMP coax cables.

Three pages of instructions for assembly of top cover and loud speaker.

Another three pages of instructions for bottom covers.

Installed Noise Blanker.

Also the 3.5v lithium battery.

Rear panel installed.

Bottom Front panel installed.

LPA Thermal pads installed.

Bottom rear panel installed.

Top panel installed. Construction complete.



After having to have my memory jogged a bit.
All tests and calibrations completed.

On the air test contacted KB5YEG on 3.910mhz using max power
of 12 watts and again using 5 watts at 1726 gmt.

Worked PP5BS Bazil at 1945 on 28.470mhz signal report 57-58 running 5 watts